• Digital Retouching

Retouching & Artistic Styling

imageWe have a team of professional retouchers with over 13 years of experience within the photographic, model and fashion industries.

A professional background in photography allows us to offer you a unique style along with our advanced colour management techniques to deliver realistic as well as artistically styled images while maintaining a high standard of consistent quality.

We work on images for professional photographers, design studios, magazines, model portfolios, fashion shows as well as images and photos for personal use.


What we offer:

  • Blemish, line & wrinkle removal
  • Skin smoothing
  • Hair cleanup - e.g. elimination of flyaway hair
  • Colour & contrast enhancement and correction

  • Body enhancement and correction, body shaping, body curve manipulation
  • Red eye reduction, whitening and brightening of eyes
  • Subject removal and insertion
  • Detailed image manipulation and comping - changing backgrounds, manipulating parts of an image, merging of multiple images and adding design elements
  • Removal of background from subject


Advanced Artistic Styling:

This includes anything from creating new backgrounds and image rebuilds, airbrushing, to customised managed retouching and photography & design campaigns. 

Here we have a campaign for a hair studio. We did a photo shoot in the style of 50's pin up and took 5 images to make a royal set of playing cards. These were each then printed on canvas to hang in the salon.

The original images were taken and a number of effects where performed on the images to give them an authentic pin-up look to them.

Our digital retouching and artistic styling works on a sliding scale.

  • 1 image $125
  • 3-5 Images $350
  • 6-10 Images $525
  • 11-20 Images $750
  • 21-30 Images $950