• The finer Details & FAQ's

The Finer Details

This is a great place for you to explain some of the services that you offer. You can go into detail in the sub-pages if you'd like.

Make-Up & Hair Styling:


We have a few make up artists and hair stylists that we choose from. Their prices differ, but a typical pricing structure looks  like this: * (prices may vary depending on make-up artist / hair stylist and other factors such as location, time and availability)

  • initial hair styling - $65 *
  • initial make-up done - $65 *
  • initial hair and makeup together - $110 *
  • to keep the the makeup artist/hair stylist on call throughout your shoot - $60 per additional hour *


Digital Retouching:


We offer digital retouching to any photos that you may wish to have altered.  This is perfect for model portfolios and fashion photography. Our in-house digital retoucher can make you look like a supermodel. If you want your model portfolio or images to look like they are in a magazine, then consider our digital retouching services. Our prices are based on a sliding scale and the more you get done, the more you save. One of our clients has been on the cover of Ralph Magazine and inside FHM as well as a few other publications!

Minor photo retouching is including with the portfolio packages and includes adjusting the lighting and minor blemish removal.

  • 1 image $125
  • 3-5 Images $350
  • 6-10 Images $525
  • 11-20 Images $750
  • 21-30 Images $950


Digital Packages:


One of the often asked questions is what about digital files or photos on a disc? We do offer digital files from your session in a couple ways.

When we shoot your photos digitally, you will get a certain number of photos based on your portfolio package. If you would like additional photos or all of the images from the photo shoot, you can purchase them separately or the whole disc.

  • First is Facebook and Web images. If you would like to share images with family and friends on facebook you will automatically receive copies of the ones we touch up for your portfolio session.These are free to you and we do ask that you do not crop out our logo and like our page and tag us!

  • Second, if you would like to obtain a high-res copy of an image. Either for printing on your own or some just like to have the copy to keep. These are available to you on a pricing scale (more you purchase the lower the price). These files are not straight from the camera, all are touched up and the price includes digital retouching. All high res photos come with a web sized version as well.
    1 image $125 | 3-5 Images $350 |6-10 Images $525 | 11-20 Images $750 | 21-30 Images $950

  • Third, you can get a copy of the whole photo session without any retouching and without a low res version. These photos are straight from the camera and as with any professional photo session, there will be good and not so good images. If you find later that there are some images that you would like touched up, you can purchase via the pricing scale above.
    1 disc $225



Please find some answers to frequently asked questions in regards to our model sessions, bookings and various other photography shoot matters ...

Model Photography + Portfolio Sessions


Booking a Session:

Can I bring a friend along to just watch?

This is always a tricky question and it really depends on who it is and the type of shoot.
Car space is limited if we go together from location to location and especially when we have a make-up artist present and perhaps multiple subjects it gets crowded in there and during summer months, gets warm. Also friends can effect the nature of the shoot and how you react. We have seen it many times. Especially women that have their boyfriends or husbands along.

In the modeling world this is often brought up as a saftey escort. All models should do their homework and check out a photographer before showing up. We have many references that can be contacted.

If you are a minor we will never object to having a parent at a shoot, in fact it is often required.

This all being said, again it depends on the situation...just ask first. If you show up with someone not previously talked about the shoot will be cancelled.

Can I bring my own props?

Hey if it can fit in the car then be our guest! You are welcome to bring what ever you wish to make these images yours. We do have some props and are always looking for more. You can also make a request and if its something that we think can be used on other shoots and we can get it, we will.

Do I get to see the images before I leave?

If time and location permit, we will sit down and run through all the images shot, deleting obvious throw aways. This also helps to see if we got the look that you wanted and if needed we can quickly re-shoot a pose or look. Sometimes we even do this in the middle of a shoot to make sure we are heading in the right direction (this depends on the location of the shoot).
We shoot in 'digital raw' format so these images are proofs and have not been processed yet.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes we need a deposit of 50% of the session fee. This is usualy paid at your consult meeting. This reserves your time slot and up to 5 days before the shoot it will be refunded for a cancellation or applied to a rescheduled shoot.

How far in advance do I NEED to book?

Generally we are booked out a month at this time. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form and we can arrange a time. We can however on occasion make a rush appointment for those last minute neccessities.

How far in advance do you book a shoot?

We will book it as far ahead as you wish. It will go in the calendar as soon as a deposit and portrait agreement are signed. If for whatever unforseen event in the future that prevents us from making it the deposit will be applied to a rescheculed shoot.